TWIN Global
TWIN Global's mission is to collectively create the world's leading "connective" for living richer, more successful, and more meaningful lives. TWIN aims to build trusted relationships with great people from around the world, each striving to discover and invent their own better futures.
Completed tasks
Website Design and Maintenance
Social Media
Event Support
Membership Development
New style
Rebirth of TWIN Global
Worked with the client to create a new web site, develop the membership program and provide for social media management.
Redesigned TWIN Global's website in time for the first online event. To get TWINians ready to participate in TWIN Tech 2020, made sure to include the most up-to-date information relevant to the event, including agendas and speaker lists.

Also provided easy access to past event highlights and TWIN Etudes for Innovation, featured articles written by members of the TWIN community, and revamped TWIN's Multimedia Library to inspire and educate.
TWIN Tech 2020
TWIN Tech 2020 was unique in content and format, providing for a variety of ways for members to participate.
TWIN Tech 2020
One example included "In The Room Sessions" that masterfully crafted and presented previews of segment material to make it easy for participants to follow and prepare for TWIN sessions.
In order to achieve a successful digital transformation and fully virtual event, we provided support leading up to and during TWIN Tech 2020. This included developing TWIN's membership activation as well as using web and CRM solutions.
One-Year Membership
TWIN is expanding all the time to cover more and more populations. In order to be able to create a community and open horizons for new ideas, different types of subscriptions and members are provided. The ability to register members directly from the site - Everything happens through the site.
Typography. Article
Articles include both video / photo and audio materials.

TWIN produces a huge amount of content. And all materials are posted on the website for study and self-development.
TWIN Global features some of the best speakers from around the world, and I wanted to make sure people knew that fact. My approach to TWIN's social media presence was to maintain exclusivity while simultaneously expanding outreach, education, and impact.
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