Development of a desktop and mobile application for personal and family wellbeing platform.
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Be Well
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The main problem that the application solves is the development of a person and the improvement of his well-being in the quarantine restrictions.

FWB collaborates with a huge number of coaches, nutritionists, chefs, influencers, in the hope that people will unite around their hobbies and share their experience of dealing with health problems.


The application asks for personal data based on which recommendations on the dashboard will change.


People with similar interests and ideas, as well as problems, can communicate with each other.

They will be united by groups at online classes, live events and according to the data collected in the questionnaire.


The user can choose the classes, events based on his choice. And huge library is offered for self-development from video lessons and live events.

And in order not to lose all the planned events, user can check everything in personal calendar.

More opportunities for new experiences

Personalization helps collect recommendations for each user individually.

You can simultaneously view articles, events and online classes (choosing what interests you in the navigation by topic), while checking the monthly schedule for live events.

You can also view recommendations for groups of people with whom you are interested in common topics. If you wish, you can add yourself to the group chat.

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