Digital Rubicon
TWIN Tech 2020 explore how to thrive beyond the crisis. Digital transformation across sectors, innovators from 30 countries sharing their best ideas, plans and insights.
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TWIN Tech 2020
Together with the preparation of the website TWIN Global for TWIN Tech 2020, it was necessary to prepare the cover for this event.
The main theme of the event

When Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon River with his 13th Legion in January, 49 BCE, he effectively declared war on the Roman Senate.
Everyone with Caesar that day knew they'd emerge either victors or vanquished.

With COVID19, we've all crossed the Digital Rubicon.
The crisis eliminates any uncertainty about the wisdom and urgency of fundamental digital transformation.

What futures do we desire?
How do we get there?
I wanted to visually reveal the main message of the event and show an example of a point of no return.
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